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Dr Domenico Aiello – Vice-President 

Meet the Esharelife Foundation Vice President, Dr Domenico Aiello

Can you tell me why you joined the Esharelife Foundation and how your role relates to the overall structure and functioning of the charity?

Since my young age, I have dedicated part of my time to others. I was 20 years old when I met a man who showed me how it is possible to meet God in my life through the lives of disadvantaged people: Father Giussani

In 2009 I founded a Food Bank to help people in my city. I always talk about my experience.

One day in 2015 talking to my friend Maurizio, he showed me the idea of establishing ​​a foundation to help others through fundraising events showing the beauty of art. I was excited and offered him my expertise.

Within the foundation, I see my role in sharing and comparing the ideas with others on what will be the next Esharelife activity and when is possible I step in to offer my assistance in delivering the projects. 

How would you describe the people involved and the working culture of the charity?

People are enthusiastic and focused on the target. I see great capacity in involving people in our chairman. He manages to transmit his great values and positive energy to all of us, and this is key to our working culture. 

When we realise the deepest meaning of our culture, that becomes a working culture automatically. This is what I see. 

What are the greatest challenges that the charity is facing? 

We do not create the real, God does it in every moment. Understand this and work hard to make a contribution to the less fortunate. Free from the result, it does not depend on us. 

The challenge is to uncover the deepest feelings of humanity in every single person we meet by involving them with the Esharelife and enabling them to share the needs of the less fortunate people in order to discover the true meaning of life.

How does Esharelife communicate its mission and progress to donors?

I think the website and social media networks are important tools to use for communication purposes. It is also true that we have seen how to sharing time, sharing dinner, and sharing a project with friends and donors is a very awesome way to communicate our mission.

What will be a charity project you have been involved in and would you like to distinguish it from the others?
There are many Esharelife projects that make us proud. Each and every single one has a positive charity outcome and all of us will be there to support their organisation or delivery. So, while I can’t distinguish a single project, I would like to mention some projects that I particularly was very involved with and they proved to be very successful fundraising activities: the Virtual Summer Concert, the Virtual Christmas Concert, the Chieffo charity tribute and the Ukraine project.

BIO of Domenico Aiello

Since 2001 Domenico has been dealing with management control and business organization for SMEs. In recent years he gained experience in family business contexts and in large corporations. Since his graduation, he has always with great passion tried to introduce the management control mentality in all the roles he has held to train and encourage entrepreneurs to consciously manage their business.

Domenico got a Master’s degree in Public Procurement Management, from the University of Rome (2012) and holds a diploma of Bachelor of Economics from the University of Pisa (2000). He is a lifelong learner and constantly is expanding his knowledge in the domain of public procurement.

In 2018 he founded his consulting company, providing consultancy to different companies, including Di Michele Management Consulting Firm (Florence), Cartiere Etruria Srl (Empoli), K solution Spa (Ed. Espresso-Pisa Group), CLEA Spa (Olbia).

In June 2022 he was awarded Knight of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem.