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Esharelife Chairman appointed Visiting Professor at the Bolton University

It is with great satisfaction to announce that President & Vice-Chancellor of Bolton University, Professor George E Holmes DL, has recently appointed the Italian-born British entrepreneur and Esharelife Chairman, Dr Maurizio Bragagni, as Visiting Professor of Leadership to the Bolton University’s Institute of Management.

This prestigious Bolton University’s title is intended for candidates who prove to have an exceptional record of personal achievement at both a national and international level of excellence, which shows academic distinction and professional standing of a high order. 

A Visiting Professor can be a Senior Academic, a public official, a business person, or an industrialist who has risen to the very top of their profession and whose appointment will enhance the reputation of the University at the highest levels.

This is exactly the case of Dr Maurizio Bragagni, CEO of Tratos Ltd, one of the most successful global independent British cable manufacturers. Under his guidance, Tratos Ltd won substantial government funding and heavily invested in new facilities, creating much-needed employment opportunities.

Furthermore, in 2019, Dr Bragagni in his capacity as CEO of Tratos Ltd won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for innovation; to celebrate this achievement and his outstanding contribution to the business as CEO, the University of Bolton awarded him with the Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration in 2019. 

Overall, Dr Bragagni has successfully pursued his industrial interests, showing a particular commitment to sustainable development and to spreading awareness of new and emerging technology. For this reason, he set up the Tratos Academy, through which he carries out in-depth research on innovation and entrepreneurial cultural change. 

The University of Bolton also shows a great interest in sustainability and innovation. It offers many programs on entrepreneurship and innovation and encourages research that aims to contribute to the development of the new generation of managers and leaders by focusing on digital marketing, financial management, leadership, and innovation. 

The Institute of Management offers a wide range of opportunities for students to learn from academics’ professional experience and industry insights. It focuses on developing graduates to enter the professional world of business and accountancy. 

In particular, its business and accounting courses are developed by experts, which helps students gain recognised qualifications, skills and the most importantly the confidence to build themselves rewarding and successful careers.

This dedication to supportive environments and focus on students’ career ambitions has been greatly recognised throughout the years, and allowed the University of Bolton to be awarded 5th in the UK for teaching quality.

Dr Bragagni’s appointment as Visiting Professor will greatly contribute to the success of the University. His wide range of interests, which include writing and charity activities, and his long lasting career not only as an entrepreneur, but as a Honorary Consul as well, will inspire and encourage students to pursue their goals and work hard towards them. 

Previously, Dr Bragagni was appointed as Honorary Senior Visiting Fellow at the Management Department of CASS Business School in London. The Business School is among Europe’s leading business schools and in the global elite of business education that holds the gold standard of “triple crown” accreditation from AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS.

Honorary visiting appointments at CASS Business School are offered to exceptional individuals who can demonstrably add value to the School’s brand in an academic, research and/or professional capacity.

Dr Bragagni focuses his research on sustainable development and family business, with interesting historical contextualisation of the analysed subjects. He has recently completed his latest book on “The Arts & Science of Making the Impossible Possible Family Business”, where he acknowledges the importance of innovation and cultural change in leading a fruitful family business. He had previously addressed this during a lectio magistralis at the CASS Business School in 2019. 

Furthermore, at the age of 40, after a decade of entrepreneurial career in his family business, Dr Bragagni completed a Master in Business Administration (MBA) precisely at CASS Business School. As he states himself, this masters “was in part an effort to provide leadership by example to his senior executive team at Tratos”, and it drastically improved his entrepreneur skills. 

In fact, the CASS MBA programme is renowned for inspiring students to be effective leaders, ready to face the challenges of global business. It develops their decision-making and business sensitivity, whilst also building adaptability, team working and resilience. 

CASS’s unique combination of education reputation, real-world practical teaching approach and quality courses is what has distinguished this institution from others. In particular, the CASS MBA programme offers an extraordinary experience in thought leadership and practical learning from a world-leading faculty. 

In 2021, Financial Times ranked CASS MBA programme 1st for value for money and 3rd globally for Corporate Strategy. The Poets and Quants defined the MBA programme “The World’s Best MBA Programme for Entrepreneurship”.

Overall, Dr Bragagni’s collaboration with both these well-known institutions will offer a great opportunity to promote business culture and stimulate students to pursue a career in this field. It will also allow them to understand the importance of sustainable development and familiarise themselves with new and innovative technologies.