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Collaborate with Esharelife

Are you a charitable organisation and you are willing to collaborate with other charities to raise funds and awareness about your projects? Esharelife is here to help and support you in that. 

Esharelife Foundation has been founded with the sole purpose to support children, families, women, and communities all over the world. The Foundation believes that it is its duty to collaborate with other charitable associations in order to make sure that the biggest number of people and communities will receive the help and support they need.

Esharelife takes its commitment to promote good fundraising practices very seriously. The Esharelife Board acts according to the Charity Governance Code to ensure transparency and good practice that are coherent with the guidelines and rules issued by the Charity Commission and the Fundraising Regulator with which the charity is registered. 

Esharelife believes that mutual collaboration is a powerful tool to spread awareness about important matters that affect people and communities all over the world. The Foundation is willing to collaborate with other charities to reach a wider audience and have a wider impact on crucial issues that need to be addressed.

If you wish to become one of Esharelife’s supported charities so that Esharelife can participate in one of your causes or projects contact us at info@esharelife.org

Esharelife will require all the charities that are willing to collaborate with the Foundation to provide solid evidence to show their charity activities and transparency.

Discover the charities that are already collaborating with Esharelife:

Supported Charities

Esharelife has already been collaborating with multiple charities all over the world.